Friday, September 19, 2008

A girl and her dog

This is Addison with Bella, our 85lb Boxer/Lab mix. The two have become quite the pair since Addison became mobile!! When we first brought Addie home Bella wanted nothing to do with her, and would even grumble when Addie cried. Now, they are great playmates and Bella only gets annoyed every now and then!!:) I thought this picture was to cute and I just had to share. In other news, the summer passed way to quickly and I am back in school. I am through the worst part of the first term and the next several weeks should be bearable, until I get into mental health in October. Then things will be just plain easy!! I am back to alking again and getting ready to start running. I was training for a 5k when I fould out I was pregnant so I would like to pick that back up. The Police Academy is still in full force and continues to make life interesting and a continual juggling act. Thankfully Addison is able to be with either Marcus or I mist of the time, and when she can't my mom is able to fill in. That's about all with us...hopefully I'll be able to update a little more in the days to come!


Judy said...

Such a cute picture! I haven't seen an update in awhile and I just wanted to let you know that I miss you!!! I know you're busy with work/baby/school/husband etc! Just miss you!

Sarah Joy said...

That is such a sweet photo! Yes, Heather it is a littel out of control. We saw first hand with baseball this past Spring when Riley played fo rthe first time. He was 8 and the other kids had been playing for YEARS.... they were so intense. I just want my kids to be kids for their childhood. Somedays I almost had to leave the games because of some of the coaches and parents, I am just not like that!
Thanks for your comment.

Judy said...

Hmmm...I think someone needs to update their blog!!